About Us


Our Company

Liability and Risk Management (LRM Global) is an Australia based multi-disciplinary firm providing a wide range of environmental services, occupational hygiene services, OHS management, and laboratory services.

Since 2005 our highly experienced team of professionals have provided our wide range of clientele with innovative engineering, scientific solutions and practical advice to help mitigate risk, liability and damage to human health, environmental health and planet health.

Our Values

The foundation of LRM Global is its three core values;

  • Human Health
  • Environmental Health
  • Planet Health

Human Health

We believe that health and wellbeing of our employees, clients and community is of the upmost importance. Everyone has the right to a clean and safe home, workplace and community. The preservation of human health is a value that forms the foundation of our project planning and solution implementation. We are committed to preventing workplace accidents, acute and chronic illnesses and, exposure to harmful substances so that everyone can enjoy a safe and secure environment.

Environmental Health

We believe that the health and preservation of our natural environment is of the upmost importance. The health and wellbeing of the natural environment directly correlates with the health and well-being of the wider community. By placing a high value on the preservation of environmental health in our projects we ensure a cleaner future of increased soil, water and air quality as well as increased biodiversity and the protection of important cultural and natural heritage systems which can be relished by both current and future generations.

Planet Health

We believe that the health of the planet directly correlates to both the health of the environment and the humans within that environment. For this reason we believe that preserving the health of the wider planet is paramount.  We are committed to reducing waste and harmful emissions, implementing recycling of materials, facilitating a transition into clean energy and promoting education within the wider community. Together we can make a difference.

Our People

The most important facet of LRM is its team of hard working and dedicated professionals. LRM is proud to offer a diverse team with a wide range of backgrounds, allowing us to develop innovative solutions backed up by years of collective experience.

Chris Golestos Managing Director & Principle Consultant

As founder and CEO of LRM Global, Chris has over 20 years of industry experience in industrial occupational hygiene. Prior to founding LRM Global, Chris worked within the petrochemical industry and was a pioneer and innovator in designing and implementing safe use of chemicals in industry. As the principle consultant at LRM Global, Chris has extensive experience in developing hazard management programs, manual handling assessments, plant risk assessments, hygiene assessments, ventilation assessments, hazardous substances assessments, policy/procedural development and systems auditing work.

Anandaraj Thiruvenkada Ramanujam Senior Hygiene Consultant

anan.r@lrmglobal.com.au Anandaraj (Anan) is a highly experienced Occupational Health & Safety professional with a demonstrated history of working across multi-disciplinary teams & diverse industries, holding multiple Postgraduate Qualifications in OH&S, Engineering & Business Management from RMIT, Curtin University, Central Queensland University and Madurai Kamaraj University. He is a certified NATA laboratory analyst as well as a senior project manager on some of the largest infrastructure, industrial and commercial projects.

Ruth Wallace-Dixon Senior Environmental Scientist

ruth.wallace-dixon@lrmglobal.com.au Ruth is a highly technical and competent environmental professional with 10 years’ experience within a multitude of different industries, ranging from large scale government infrastructure projects to the petrochemical industry. Ruth’s wealth of experience has allowed her to develop a high standard of practice in contaminated land assessments, project management, staff management and co-ordination, and community/stakeholder relations.

Leo Rekkas Senior Hygiene Consultant

l.rekkas@lrmglobal.com.au Leo has over 15 years’ industry experience as an Industrial Hygienist and an OH&S consultant. Leo has established himself in the industry with a vast experience in working with some of Victoria’s largest property groups, educational institutions as well as major government infrastructure projects from Rail, Ports, Healthcare and Education.

Matt Mullins Environmental Engineer

mmullins@lrmglobal.com.au Matt is a skilled environmental engineer with experience in a wide range of industry sectors, ranging from former nuclear testing facilities to petrochemical plants. Matt has significant experience in project management, contaminated land assessments, environmental remediation, team co-ordination and contractor/stakeholder engagement.

Steven Laios Senior Hygiene Consultant

s.laios@lrmglobal.com.au Steven has been undertaking industrial hygiene works over the last 10 years. He has established himself as a confident and competent member of the LRM Global team. Steve has managed various works including minor and major asbestos removal. Steve completed his post graduate studies at Deakin University in Industrial Hygiene in 2005 which complimented his experience.

Karu JayasundaraLaboratory Manager

Karu is a highly skilled laboratory manager with over 40 years in the industry. Karu has a diverse background ranging from geological mapping and mineralogy to occupational hygiene. Karu is responsible for the management of LRM Globals laboratory and oversees LRM’s asbestos identification and fibre counting works. Karu’s diverse skillset renders him a vital asset to the LRM Global team.