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Our Environmental Services

Our team of experienced professionals can assist you with the following services.

Contaminated Land Assessments

  • Preliminary Site Investigations
  • Sample Analysis Quality Plans
  • Detailed Site Investigations
  • Groundwater Monitoring
  • Groundwater Well Installation
  • Landfill Gas Risk Assessments
  • Leachate Monitoring
  • Stormwater / Surface Water Monitoring
  • Soil Vapour Assessments
  • Air quality Assessments
  • Environmental Noise Assessments

Contaminated Land Remediation

  • Soil / Stockpile Classification and Removal
  • UST Removal
  • Waste Removal

Project Management

  • Production of CEMPs
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis
  • Legislation Guidance


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Our Environmental Team

Matt Mullins Environmental Engineer


Matt is a skilled environmental engineer with experience in a wide range of industry sectors, ranging from former nuclear testing facilities to petrochemical plants. Matt has significant experience in project management, contaminated land assessments, environmental remediation, team co-ordination and contractor/stakeholder engagement.

Ruth Wallace-Dixon Senior Environmental Scientist


Ruth is a highly technical and competent environmental professional with 10 years' experience within a multitude of different industries, ranging from large scale government infrastructure projects to the petrochemical industry. Ruth’s wealth of experience has allowed her to develop a high standard of practice in contaminated land assessments, project management, staff management and co-ordination, and community/stakeholder relations.

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