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At LRM Global, we understand the challenges and risks associated with managing hazardous materials. From asbestos and lead to chemicals and biological hazards, proper management is essential to protect health, safety, and the environment.

Comprehensive Hazardous Materials Management Services

  • Identification and Assessments
  • Strategic Management Plans
  • Lead Identification

Our expert team is equipped with the knowledge, experience, and resources to address a wide range of hazardous materials management needs. Whether you require assistance with hazardous materials surveys, risk assessments, or developing management plans, we’ve got you covered.

Why choose LRM Global for your  needs?

  1. Expertise: Our team consists of experienced professionals who specialize in hazardous materials management, ensuring that you receive accurate and reliable advice and solutions.
  2. Comprehensive Services: We offer a full suite of hazardous materials management services, including surveys, testing, risk assessments, and the development of management plans tailored to your specific requirements.
  3. Regulatory Compliance: We stay up-to-date with relevant regulations and guidelines to ensure that our services comply with legal requirements, providing you with peace of mind and minimizing liability risks.
  4. Safety First: We prioritize safety in everything we do. Our procedures are designed to minimize exposure risks and protect the health and well-being of occupants, workers, and the environment.
  5. Client Support: We believe in building long-term relationships with our clients. From initial consultation to ongoing support, we are committed to providing exceptional customer service and ensuring your satisfaction.

Contact us today to learn more about our Hazardous Materials Management solutions and how we can assist you with your specific needs.

Our Hazmat Management Team

Anandaraj Thiruvenkada Ramanujam Senior Hygiene Consultant


Anandaraj (Anan) is a highly experienced Occupational Health & Safety professional with a demonstrated history of working across multi-disciplinary teams & diverse industries, holding multiple Postgraduate Qualifications in OH&S, Engineering & Business Management from RMIT, Curtin University, Central Queensland University and Madurai Kamaraj University. He is a certified NATA laboratory analyst as well as a senior project manager on some of the largest infrastructure, industrial and commercial projects.

Leo Rekkas Senior Hygiene Consultant


Leo has over 15 years’ industry experience as an Industrial Hygienist and an OH&S consultant. Leo has established himself in the industry with a vast experience in working with some of Victoria’s largest property groups, educational institutions as well as major government infrastructure projects from Rail, Ports, Healthcare and Education.

Steven Laios Senior Hygiene Consultant


Steven has been undertaking industrial hygiene works over the last 10 years. He has established himself as a confident and competent member of the LRM Global team. Steve has managed various works including minor and major asbestos removal. Steve completed his post graduate studies at Deakin University in Industrial Hygiene in 2005 which complimented his experience.

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